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current achievements


He become a ncba  national champion boxing coach  in april of 2014. Curently, he is  Three times ncbs national champion boxing coach. he coach boxing at Washington athletic club In seattle. getting back to the community, his most recently outstanding work has been coaching the university of Washington team. the follow are the most recent achievements


  • Coached and trained the THREE TIMES women National Champions, season 2015-2016.
  • Coached, trained and  qualified the first Olympic trial boxer from UW Boxing Team in the Pathway To The Glory Olympic trial qualifiers tournament in Colorado Spring in June 2015.
  • Coached and trained the first Regional Golden Gloves Champion from the UW Boxing team in Las Vegas Regional Golden Gloves Championship in March of 2015, also, qualified him in the National Golden Gloves National Championship in April of 2015 that took place in Las Vegas Nevada.
  • Coached and trained four Stated Golden Gloves Champions in state Golden Gloves tournament in Tacoma WA in February 2015 
  • First time in UW boxing history, helping the team to earned the overall woman's Championship with three individuals crowns at the West Point NY National Collegiate Championship in 2014 
  • Coached and trained the first three women National Champions in  2014.
  • Coach, trained and qualified fourteen USA boxing amateurs to the National Collegiate Boxing Championship that took place in West Point NY  in 2014.
  • Coached and contributed to an unprecedented two first place team trophies in USA boxing amateur tournaments throughout 2013.
  • Coached and trained the first national collegiate boxing association all American for the boxing club at the University of Washington in 2013.
  • Coached and trained the first Western Regional NCBA Champion in the history of the Boxing club at the University of Washington in 2013.
  • Coached, trained and qualified three USA boxing amateurs to the National Collegiate Boxing Association National championship in 2013.
  • Coached, trained and qualified two USA Boxing amateurs to National Collegiate Boxing Association National Championship in 2012.
  • Screened, selected and coach over 45 USA boxing amateur season at university of Washington since 2011.

  • instrumental in crating, developing and sustaining a USA boxing amateur boxing club at the university of Washington in 2011.


ricardo acuna has an extensive amount of international experience in different fighting styles, such as, boxing, tae kwon do and thai kick boxing .


currently  he is a ncba notional boxing coach champion as well as  lbc coach who is  register within the pacific north west boxing association. he is part of the uw boxing coaches stuff  coaching and developing the university of Washington western nbca registered notional collision boxing team.  also, he teach boxing classes at the Washington athletic club in seattle wa.


he started in the sport of tae kwon do at the early age of 9 years old in Guadalajara mexico. he competed this sport  achieving many amateur awards. at the age 14 years old, he was certify as a black bell first degree. 

after earning his black bell in tae kwon do, he switched to the sport of boxing. within the next two years and half, he participated in more the 20 amateur boxing bouts as well as competing at the professional leve. 

he move to California where he took few exhibition amateur boxing bouts, no long after, he decided to cross train in tai kick boxing. for the next two years, he competed competitively within the two sports till he decided to MOVE TO WASHINGTON. 

in 2008, here in seattle, he motivated him self TO GET  back to what he enjoy the most "boxing". he began training  in a local boxing gym in Bellevue. he has focused sharply in develop his boxing  coaching skill



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