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What to aspect of competitive boxing training

As amateur boxing training goes, you will learn  boxing skills and techniques-inside boxing, outside boxing, out-boxing, orthodox stand and south pawl stand – that will help  you to succeed in every boxing bout. During training, you will masteries the follow:

·         The heavy bag

·         Speed bag

·         Focus mitts

·         Double end speed bag

·         Foot work

·         Head movement,

·         Sparring drills

·         Ring sparring.

After learning the basic fundamentals of boxing, Coach Acuna will crate a daily routine, base your own personal skill, combining all the above to get you ready boxing bout.

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what to expect from the boxing fitness lessons


It is a variety of different reasons and goals why individuals have chosen boxing fitness. Some want to learn the sport as a tool for self-defense, some others have fitness purposes, many want to build a stronger physical and mental endorsement, plenty use it as a stress reliever and few just want to compete competitively in the sport. Whatever you reasons are, Coach Acuna can help you to achieve your goals.

What to expect of the private boxing fitness lessons

  • Develop self-defense skills
  • Help to reach your weight loss goals
  • Learn how to use the whole boxing equipment
  • As stress reliever
  • Strength your heart
  • Re-enforce bones and muscles
  • Strengthen the entire body
  • This is a good outlet for anger
  • Entirely body strengthen
  • Become a better athlete
  • Improve your posture
  • Increase your self-confidence